Life is a movie

Life is a movie. You sit in the cinema, watch it, eat some popcorn. Stuff happens to you all the time. You are passive.
But it’s not a normal movie. It’s a VIP cinema and a VIP movie.
You can change the script while it’s going on.

As you are watching it, if you don’t like the plot or theme of the movie, you can ask for a switch.

If you notice you are in a romantic comedy while you want drama, you can tell the conductor “less humor, more drama and plot twists”.
If you lack action in your life, just shout it out, and suddenly you’ll be a car chase, killing some dirty cops and sleeping with hot babes.

You can take the director’s seat of this movie. You usually just watch this movie… but it’s totally up to you to be the director.
Or, if you like the plot and the actors, just keep watching for a while… you can also change it later.

The power of names

The power of names has been discussed in our culture for millennia. In fantasy novels, people guard their true names and banish or control their enemies by invoking their names.


There is a basis to this lore.

Giving something a name, or learning its name, is powerful. It allows you to refer to that when conversing with other people, to seek knowledge about it, to attack it or connect with it. It allows you to build upon it.

Language is, by and large, a never-ending collection of names. Names of people, of actions, of ideas, of things. When you reason about something without giving it a name, your thought process is more cumbersome than it can be. The act of naming a thing encapsulates it into a box, and allows you to build greater and greater ideas from these boxes.

P.S. I can’t finish this post without giving one cool example of a name used as a key theme and plot point – our beloved Doctor Who. This idea is pivotal to the very name of the show … Doctor Who. What is his real name? Nobody knows, he is just “The Doctor”. His name is later in the show actually used as an incantation, a secret his enemies seek, a riddle, a signal of trust. There is even an episode called Name of the Doctor.

Meet the Israeil Bitcoin Activists

On Dec 7, we will have a special Bitcoin meetup – Meet the Activists. Be there or be fiat.

This special event, which continues an annual tradition, will give you a rare opportunity to learn who’s who in the Bitcoin world and what are all the exciting initiatives in this sphere. ~50 key figures of Israel’s Bitcoin community, industry and academia will each take the stage for a few minutes to talk about themselves and their Bitcoin projects.



Reality is what happens when the tension between different people’s dreams is resolved.

ReverseFunder is looking for a 3rd co-founder

Hi all,

We are making a lot of progress in ReverseFunder, and are looking for a strong 3rd co-founder with background in bizdev/marketing.
Know anyone relevant? Please refer him/her to

Results – my biggest flaws are

Last week I published a poll, calling out to people to tell me, anonymously, what is my biggest flaw.

My reasons for doing this were that I wanted to get to know myself better, and try and improve. Allowing people the space to speak out honestly, and only asking about my flaws, gave them a safe space to speak their mind.

The results are in.

  1. You tend to act before you think things through
  2. Very naive
  3. Take yourself rather seriously

I would like to say thank you to the three individuals who agreed to give me feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

Even though I had asked for this feedback … hearing criticism is rather difficult. My natural instinct is to try and defend myself in my head, and “explain to these people why they’re wrong”. It’s amazing how much we humans need to be loved and appreciated by others, which is why hearing anything negative about ourselves is so difficult to hear. Still I believe truth is the only way to grow.

I can’t leave this post without a retort to each of these individuals. I’m trying not to be defensive here, but rather just speak my mind:

  1. True. I do act before I think. Thank you for pointing this out. As you said, it is also an upside, but I can try and maintain the positive influence of this trait while minimizing the downsides… try to adjust my “action parameters” and recognize when something is sensitive and deserves more thought and not straight out action.
  2. True, I am very naive. I like it this way! I prefer to be naive than cynical. I might get screwed or make blunders because of it once in a while … but for me, the upside in being naive is too great to pass up.
  3. And finally yes, I tend to take myself too seriously sometimes. Don’t we all? Luckily I complement this with not taking myself seriously at all at other times :)

Now I’ll finish with a call to the reader – what do you think of this experiment? Would you be interested in doing such an experiment on yourself, and get some honest to God feedback from your friends?

Always be growing,


Startup Juice

Do you want a quick fix of startup juice? Want to read a bunch of books on entrepreneurship, but just don’t have the time?

Then this is for you:

Quantifying Love

I recently came across a short “paper” I wrote in 2006 titled Quantifying Love.

It’s a pseudo-mathematical non-serious attempt to quantify what love is.

Pull requests welcome :)


I learned a lot in the last 8 years. The paper reflects what I thought 8 years ago, not necessarily my current way of thinking. Read it with a grain of salt, if you will.